Adhatoda Vasica

Gurjar Phytochem Pvt. Ltd. is engaged in manufacturing of Herbal Extracts and Phytochemicals. We are manufacturing Vasaka Extract , which is one of the very important medicinal plant  in ayurveda.


Plant Name Adusa, Vasaka , Justicia Adhatoda
Botanical Name Adhatoda Vasica
Other Name Sanskrit : Brihat Vasa, Vrisha , Vajidanda , Simhasya , Adarushaka

English : Malabar Nut , Vasaca

Gujrati : Aduso , Ardusi , Adulso

Panjabi : Basa

Distribution Adhatota Vasica is meditional plant. It grows wild throughout India
Collection Period Plant material is collected from February to May
Phytochemical Vasicine ( Alkaloid ) ,  Vasicine Acetate , Vasicinone , Vasicinolone , 2 Acetyl Benzyle
Medicinal  Use Extract of Vasaka is very effective and important ingredient of Ayurvedic medicine for cough, cold and Asthma.

Vasicine stimulates respiratory system. It induces bronchodilation and relazes the tracheal muscles. It reduces the elasticity and viscosity of tracheal mucus.

Vasaka Extract

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