Andrographis Paniculata Extract

English Name :- Green chirayta
Botenical Name :- Andrographis Paniculata
Other Name :- Kalmegha ( Sanskrit),Kalmegh (Hindi), Kalupnath,Chuanxinlian (Chinese),Kirayat (Hindi), Mahatita (King of Bitters),Alui
Plant part Used :- Whole plant
Active Ingredient :- Andrographolide
Uses :- Kalmegh extract is being used for liver problems , fever, as an anti-inflammatory, immunostimulant in upper respiratory tract infections. In clinical trail it is fount that it is effective in HIV infection.
Doses :- The usual daily dose of andrographolides for common cold, sinusitis, and tonsillitis is 60 mg. Doses of 10 mg/kg resulted in the discontinuation of a clinical trial because of adverse reactions. Clinical trials in children with upper respiratory tract infection reported the use of andrographolide 30 mg daily for 10 days. Overdose of Andrographolide may decreases in sperm count and motility.It should be avoided by Diabetic patients.
Possible Combinations :-
Our Speciality :- We are manufacturing Extract containing up to 50% of Andrographolide. We are using class 3 solvents for the extraction. Quality of our Andrographis Paniculata Extract is being appreciated by Indian as well as foreign customers.

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