Swertia Chirata

We are manufacturing Swertia Chirata Extract. It is also known as Chirayta, Kiratatikta, Chirette Indian.

In the present market Andrographis paniculata extract is being sold in place of Swertia Chirata Extract, Because price of Swertia Extract is 2.5 times costly then the Androgrophis Paniculata Extract but effects of Swertia is Better then the Androgrophis.

Main constituents of swertia Chirata Extract are different kind of Xanthone, which shows  anti-hepatitis B virus activity in vitro,and Best medicine for Malaria

Uses : It is being used to treat Malaria,indigestion,remedy for a weak stomach,liver, In Maha Sudarshan Churna which is used to treat fever, especially of chronic type and associated with diarrhoea, indigestion, cough, cold or allergy.

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