Ashwagandha Extract

Common Name :-Ashwagandha Extract
Botanical Name :-Withania somnifera Extract
Other Names :-Withania somnifera, Winter Cherry, Indian Ginseng, Vegetable Rennet, Ashwagandha, (ASvagaMQaa,, baajaIgaMQaa, hyaagaMQaa,)
Parts Used :-Whole Part & Root
Active ingredient :-Alkaloids-1% Withnolides-1.5%
Uses :-Immunomodulator, Antioxidant. Rheumatism, Improve Sexual performance, Sterlity, Enhance Energy, Nervine Sedative, Restore loss of Memory, Increase Hair melanin, AIDS, Antitumar & radiosensitizing effectd
Possible Combinations :-Brahmi Monneri Extract,Ashwagandha Extract,Mulethi   Extract, Jatamanshi Extract,Shankhapushpi Extract, Shilajit

Appearance Light Brown Color Powder
Identification BY GV and HPLC
Solubility 90% in Methanol
Assay By Gravimetric 15 %
Assay By HPLC 10%
Loss on Drying NLT 5%
Mesh Size 100% pass throgh 80 mesh
Heavy Metals As per USP
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