Asparagus Extract

English Name :- Indian Asparagus
Botenical Name :- Asparagus recemosus
Other Name :- shatawari ( Hindi ), tian man dong ( chinese )
Plant part Used :- Root
Active Ingredient :- Steroidal Saponins
Uses :-

For Stress relief : Extract is effective in stress relief

For Digestive System : Extract of A.recemosus oncreases the level of amylase and lipase, which increases digestion,

Antiulcefogenic : 100 mg/day extract effective in to control ulcer.

Shatawari Extract is known as best tonnic for womens

Asparagus recemosus increases antinody against bordetella pertussis, which is responcible for diphtheria,tetanus and pertussis

Doses :- 1 gm in a day ( 500 mg twise in a Day
Possible Combinations :-

For Stress,Depression, immunosuppression  : Aswagandha ( Withania Somenifera), Amla ( Emblica officinalis,Basil (tulsi,ocimum sactum )

For  Men : Ashwagandha, tulsi , gokhru, shilajit


For women :Ashwagandha

Our Speciality :-  


Appearance powder
Identification powder
Solubility powder
Assay By Gravimetric 40
Assay By HPLC 00
Loss on Drying NMT 5%
Mesh Size 80
Heavy Metals As per USP
In Stock Available

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